Javascript Fighting Game

Technicals improvements

  • Refactoring code to Module Import/Export
  • Refactoring code to use external CSS class instead of attribute style
  • Set up ESLint for the project
  • Improve folder and file organisation

Features improvements

  • Add attack sword sound for each player
  • Add starting game mode and interface start fight button
  • Add replay fight button
  • Add background music when the fight mode starts
  • Improve winner game display
  • Add section to display player keyboard commands
  • Handle input for French and English keyboard for the 1st player

You can review the source code in Github

It all started from this game coding tutorial

So one day, I felt like coding a game. I thought it could be good to change a little bit of the type of project that I usually implement from work. So I looked for a tutorial for gaming implementation and I found this