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Professional Experiences

From January 2021 ( Freelance )
Full-Stack Developer Freelance - Evolua ( Paris, France )

C2S - DiagOnAir : Back Office implementation

  • Implement user interfaces for clients to review their establishments stats
  • Implement an API for app features
  • Implement tool for gathering Excel information using Graph API Microsoft
  • Set up authentication with Graph API Microsoft
  • Implement data visualization graph from Live Object Orange captors data
  • Set up custom google map for the app
  • Implement export data tool for Excel document
  • Set up CI/CD environment for the front App and API

Technical Stack : React, Express, Graph Microsoft, Live Object Orange, Google Map API, jquery, font-awesome, bitbucket, jenkins...

March 2020 until December 2020 ( Freelance Developer )
Front End Developer at Ontex ( Levallois, France )

Implement back office application from scratch in React

  • Set up application architecture
  • Implement application features

Technical Stack : React, i18Next, axios, jquery, bootstrap, scss, html, jest, enzyme, bitbucket, jira ...

Client DoggyBug : Second website (

  • Implement a portal website for inform about bed bugs

Technical Stack : php, htccess, css, html, meta and og tags, google analytics, jquery, font-awesome, bitbucket, jenkins...

Juin 2019 until March 2020 ( Freelance Developer )
Freelance developer - Evolua ( Paris, France )

Client DoggyBug : Implement their new website

  • Implement new desktop interface based on given design for french version
  • Implement new mobile interface based on given design
  • Improve SEO in organic search results
  • Implement video and image gallery
  • Online business strategy advices

Technical Stack : php, htccess, css, html, meta and og tags, google analytics, jquery, font-awesome, bitbucket, jenkins ...

Client Penkus Design : Migration , backup and hosting website

  • Set up daily automate backup system for website
  • Set up mail configuration
  • Migration of website
  • Web hosting for the site

Technical Stack : Wordpress, Plesk , Linux Server, Mail configuration, DNS configuration, Mysql, Php, bitbucket, ...

Client Emission de voyance : Website maintenance, hosting and facebook login

  • Login Facebook feature configuration
  • Website hosting
  • Security check and protection

Technical Stack : Joomla, Plesk , Linux Server, Mail configuration, DNS configuration, Mysql, Php, bash script, bitbucket, ...

June 2017 until June 2019 ( Freelance Developer )
Full Stack developer for Deloitte ( La-Défense, France )

Implement Web application for internal and external Deloitte's clients.

  • SSO set up and configuration: SAML 2 , Open Id Connect
  • Implement authorisation layer using Acls
  • Implement business logic application
  • Implement digital solution based on client needs analysis
  • Set up deployment systems for CI/CD
  • And so on ...

Technical Stack : Angular, React, Node JS, Elasticsearch, Docker, Loopback, Mysql, Jenkins, Gitlab, Electron, Sketch, Script SH, SonarQube, Gatling, Snyk, ...

April 2015 to May 2017 ( Freelance Developer )
Full-Stack Developer for PSA ( Paris, France )

Project: New Digital Peugeot

  • Implementation of new features and bug fixing on Front app.
  • Implementation of new features and bug fixing on Back app
  • Animate working group ( Web Sécurité, Git, IA, TDD ).

Technologies Stack: Symfony 2, Foundation, Redis, Patternlabs, API rest, Postman, Méthode Agile, Jenkins, PhpUnit, PhpCs, PhpMd, Jira, Jquery, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma, Phake, Git, Facebook API...

April 2015 to November 2015 ( Freelance Developer )
Front end Developer for France Télévision ( Issy-les-Moulineaux, France )

Project: France TV Education

  • Implementation of new features and bug fixing on API app.
  • Implementation of new features and bug fixing on Front app.
  • Implementation of new features and bug fixing on Back app

Technologies Stack: Symfony 2, Bootstrap, Ace theme, CasperJS, MongoDB, Elastic Search, API rest, Postman, Méthode Agile, Jenkins, PhpUnit, PhpCs, PhpMd, Jira, Confluence, Jquery, Font- awesome, Grunt, Git, Facebook API...

July 2013 to February 2015 ( Freelance Developer )
Developer Full-Stack for BNP Paribas / Online Banking ( Paris, France )

Project: Pegase Hello Bank! ( Hello Bank Clients Management Tool System. )

My main tasks:

  • Technical advices
  • Implementation of the new interface for the application
  • Set up automate system for clients registration.

Project: I-Point De Vente ( Search Engine Tool for BNP Agencies locations )

My main tasks:

  • Full implementation of the application new version
  • Improve application speed and UX performances.

Project: iCare ( BNP Clients Calls Tools )

My main tasks:

  • Full implementation of the application ( Database stack, Architecture Stack, UX/Design Stack, and so on ... )

Project: Fil Info ( Warning tool system )

My main tasks:

  • Technical advices
  • Implement application for Windows 7 and Ipad
  • Implement the Web application version
  • Application Maintenance

Project: Contextor Hello Bank! ( Automate tools for clients registration )

My main tasks:

  • Improve and add feature for the automaton
  • Fix up automaton bugs

Projet: Contextor Bddf Operation ( Automate tools for clients transfert )

My main tasks:

  • Implementation of the automaton for clients transfert account between BNP and Hello Bank
  • Technical Advices and maintenance

Technologies: Zend Framework, Mysql, Svn, Jquery, Bootsrap, Highcharts, Contextor, XML, D3 , Windows Gadget 7, Web Service ( Soap et Rest ), API google …

May 2013 to June 2013 ( Inside Project )
Kilogo ( Professional trips management tool : ) ( Paris, France )

Full project:

  • Tutorials writing
  • Application architecture and implementation
  • Applicaiton design and UX

Technologies: HTML5, Jquery Mobile, Jquery, Bootstrap, Mysql, Git, Youtube API …

ModelTab ( Community Platform for Models/Mannequins/photographer: ) ( Paris, France )

My main tasks:

  • Full implementation / Co founder

Technologies: Zend, Bootstrap, Jquery, Font-awesome, Mysql, Git, Facebook API, Google API, Paypal API, Configuration réseaux, Gestion de base de donnée …

November 2012 to April 2013 ( Freelance Developer )
Lead Developer for Châteaux Hôtels Collection ( Paris, France )

Project: Application Web ( Web application for online booking: )

My main tasks:

  • Design architecture application
  • Implement payment web workflow
  • Implement the search engine
  • A/B Testing set up
  • SEO set up with entity Wasabi

Technologies: Zend Framework, Mysql, Svn, Jquery, Bootsrap,, Web Service ( Soap et Rest ), Paybox, API google, Certification Web Reservit …

March 2010 to Semptember 2011 ( Full time contract )
Software Engineer for Consort NT ( La Défense, France )

Project: Marley ( Asset Management Tool in Société Générale )

My main tasks:

  • Implement authentification system and credentials settings
  • Implementation of Workflows
  • Implementation of DB Script for batch data update
  • User Stories writing for developers located in India
  • User Stories testing for developers located in India
  • Technical documents writing

Technologies: PHP( Zend ), Ext JS, Ajax, Oracle, Script SH, etc…

April 2009 to March 2010 ( Full time contract )
Web developer for Pixmania ( Paris, France )

Project: Customized Dropshipment ( BtoB tool )

My main:

  • Search engine improvements
  • Organisation of product into UCMS ( Univers, Catégorie, Marché, Segment )
  • Implement rss for product update information

Technologies: Javascript, PHP 5, Code Igniter, Oracle, Smarty, Ajax, nuSoap, Linux, Smarty, Web Services ( Soap, Restful ), MemCache, Flux XML, MVC pattern…

Décember 2007 to December 2008 ( Part time contract )
Web developer/designer for Total Internet ( Melbourne, Australia )

My main stasks:

  • Implement agency clients websites
  • Design clients website and animation

Technologies: Javascript, PHP 5, Symfony Framework, in House Framework , Mysql, Flash, Actionscrip Photoshop,…

  Profesional Recommendation available upon request.

Technical Knowledges

Languages PHP Javascript Xml/Xsd Json CSS 2 & 3 SASS / LESS Swift
Frameworks Loopback Symfony 2/3 Zend Framework 1/2 Angular Bootstrap 2 & 3 Foundation 5 Node JS Electron
Librairies Jquery Jquery UI Jquery Mobile React Font Awesome 4
APIs Google Facebook Youtube Paypal Stripe Live Object Orange Graph Microsoft
Web Services Web services Web APIs
Operating Systems Mac OS Windows Kali Linux
Versioning Tools GIT Subversion
Databases Oracle MySql MongoDb
Softwares Visual Studio Code Sketch Gatling MySql Workbench Contextor Jira Postman

Studies & Formations


Certification : Qualiy Assurance ( FreeCodeCamp )

Certification : Data Visualization ( FreeCodeCamp )

Certification : Back End Development and APIs( FreeCodeCamp )

Certification: Scientific Computing with Python ( FreeCodeCamp )


Responsive Web Design Certification ( FreeCodeCamp )

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification ( FreeCodeCamp )

Front End Libraries Certification ( FreeCodeCamp )

2016 JS Total Seminar
2016 Certified Web Marketing
2015 Web Marketing Seminar
2014 "Hacking et Sécurité Avancé V5" Seminar - Sysdream
2014 Zend Framework certified logo Certified Zend Framework
2011 Project manager seminar
2008 Master Of IT - Web Development – Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia
2007 Bachelor Of IT - Game Development – Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia
2005 DUT en Informatique - Génie Logiciels – Université Paris 13, France


Anglais Fluent
French Fluent

Side Activities

Smart mirror / Web summit / Meet up / FreeCodeCamp / Rootme / Reading


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